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Beneficial personality developments and changes of mental and physical sensitivities by means of Spiritual Healing have often been reported. These reports are, however, exclusively well-documented personal experiences. Every person responds differently to spiritual healing and energy work. Therefore, we cannot give any guarantee for effectiveness or harmlessness. We do not make any promises for success or healing.

Energy work and Spiritual Healing are neither a medical healing method nor a form of psychotherapy. Therefore, you should always consult your doctor in case of severe health problems An ongoing medical treatment should not be interrupted or abandoned and a future necessary treatment should not be postponed or completely omitted. The responsibility is entirely up to you.

We further wish to point out that the use of Spiritual Healing is not based on neither medical or psychological knowledge and skills and therefore do not want to give the impression of providing medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. Energy Work and Spiritual Healing is ritual/spiritual/counselling/indicatory and not medical/psychological/physiotherapeutic.

Spiritual Healing can enable people to take their life in their own hands and to act instead of react. We emphasize that this newly found freedom can lead to a change of life. A counselling employing Spiritual Healing only covers possibilities for solutions, patterns and suggestions for improvement. To what extent they are adopted is at the discretion of the individual. These are merely recommendations for dealing with limiting life beliefs and mental/physical sensitivities, as well as the design of relationships in the professional or private environment. This does not imply any promise for effectiveness. San Esprit Ltd. does not accept any responsibility for the further conduct of life of the client and does not give any guarantee for the fulfilment of hopes and expectations.



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