Clinic and day care unit for Spiritual Healing
In-patient stays, ambulant consultings,
seminars, events, School for Spiritual Healing

VILLA SAN ESPRIT® specializes on holistic acute care as well as on rehabilitation and intensive treatment of chronic conditions, exclusively by the practice of Spiritual Healing.

Proven healing techniques, intensive energetic treatments carried out by our qualified and always friendly staff; the pleasant, energetically cleared oscillation of the house and its marvellous surrounding help to quickly improve the state of health of our guests and they soon regain their courage and joy of life.

Our house is situated in the Chiemgau, one of Germany’s most beautiful areas. It is located between Wasserburg and Traunstein and is conveniently reachable via the Bundesstrasse 304.


Download our VILLA SAN ESPRIT® broschure
in pdf format here.



San Esprit Ltd.,
central phone number: +49 (0)89 23 51 20 79,
email: info(at)
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Central phone:
089 23 51 20 79